Created for an outdoor clothing brand.

Created for an independent distillery in Georgia.

Using the classic Bear Bryant houndstooth to create an elephant icon for the campus bookstore.

Created for the Moore’s brand of marinades and sauces.

A personal project of mine.

Using the negative space of the “g” to hold a magnolia petal.

Redesign of the agency logo while I worked there. I also created the airstream icon which called on the fact that there was an airstream used as a conference room on the second floor.

Logo created to celebrate the bicentennial of Alabama.

Created for Southeast Toyota’s Clear Paint Protection.

Created for a Nashville apartment complex.

A sexy HVAC logo. Custom type created for the Georgia based business.

A campaign created to raise donations for the University of Alabama centered around the iconic Denny Chimes.

Created for the centennial celebration of the northern bread and baked goods company.

Another personal project for a clothing brand.


A collection of logos I’ve created for various projects and clients.